Wheelbarrow Position Spanking

Wheelbarrow Spanking PositionPerfect Wheelbarrow Spanking Position of Cheerleader in Uniform, Chessie Kay.

Wheelbarrow Spanking

Perfect Wheelbarrow Position Spanking

The wheelbarrow spanking position if often described as the most humiliating of all spanking positions. As the spankee (usually female) is completely vulnerable and exposed.

Her hands are on the floor with her hips balanced on the spankers lap. The spanker is in a seated position, in a comfortable chair perhaps. The spanker has full view of the spankee’s private and most tender places. This is a very sexual and sensual POV!

In this position the spankee’s entire ass, pussy and asshole are exposed and on display as the wheelbarrow spanking is very “in your face”. The spankee in a very submissive position, she has no control. Holding herself up, her weight is balanced by her arms and the bottom half of her body is completely controlled by her spanker. He dominates her as she receives the bare bottom punishment of his choosing.

Schoolgirl Wheelbarrow Spanking

Humiliating Wheelbarrow Spanking from SpankGif.com

In the first of these wheelbarrow spanking pictures is Chessie Kay, a blonde bombshell, in a sexy cheerleader uniform getting her first wheelbarrow position spanking. Next up is the cute young schoolgirl, Rosie Ann, dressed up in cute little school uniform.

Both girls are getting welcomed into the “Wheelbarrow Spanking Club” at AAA Spanking. Tripe A Spanking is famous for their “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” and there’s absolutely no spanking website that does it better.

John Osbourne aka SpankChief has a special affinity for this type of spanking. His passion and love of seeing naughty ladies spanked in this way makes for some high quality wheelbarrow spanking videos. Here’s some of the pictures for the 2nd Annual Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival.

The Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival

Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival

Rosie Ann's First Wheelbarrow Club Spanking

Rosie Ann’s Joins Wheelbarrow Spanking Club

Here are some wheelbarrow spanking pics from the most recent wheelbarrow festival.

First up is naughty schoolgirl Rosie Ann joining the wheelbarrow club. This school girl has a taut bottom that’s just so spankable. Plus her perfect young twat is completely exposed and it’s such a beautiful view!

This schoolgirl wheelbarrow spanking is so perfect with round bottom stuck up in the air getting spanked and reddened nicely. She looks so damn cute wearing her school uniform and glasses.

Lilly Swan First Wheelbarrow Club Spanking

First Wheelbarrow Club Spanking For Lily Swan

Next is sexy blonde teen Lily Swan. She’s fully nude only wearing colorful knee-high socks. Lily is slender and athletic with a tight ass begs to be spanked. She goes “bottoms up” in her first wheel barrow spanking.

All of her young tender naughty bits are on display and fully exposed as she’s spanked in the wheelbarrow position of the first time ever.

Young Lily commented that this was her most humiliating punishment ever. She also says she felt extremely vulnerable during her spanking.

Her sexy wheelbarrow spanking leaves her most private and tender areas open to play. She has a pert young bum and tight teen pussy that make her wheelbarrow spanking video a must see!

Sarah Gregory Wheel Barrow Spanking

Sarah Gregory Spanked in Wheel Barrow Position

In one of the sexiest wheel barrow spankings ever filmed features spanking starlet Sarah Gregory.

Sarah is a very well known professional spanking fetish model. She has her own spanking websites which you can see here and here. But how could she pass up an opportunity to join the Wheelbarrow Spanking Club!

This is Sarah Gregory like you’ve never seen her before! Sarah has never been filmed in such a revealing position before. She gets a good girl wheelbarrow spanking. This is not a punishment spanking for her. It’s a real “good girl spanking”! And it’s probably one of the sexiest spanking videos that I’ve ever seen. (I’ve seen a lot!)

Sarah is face down and ass up! With her round bubble butt stuck up in the air. She gets spanked in the most compromising spanking position ever!

The Wheelbarrow Spanking Club

Wheel Barrow Spanking Week

Promo for Wheelbarrow Week

Continuing on thorough the wheelbarrow spanking archives we find the 1st wheelbarrow festival.

These are not the first wheelbarrow videos that Triple A Spanking has released. However these are the beginnings of the now famous fest!

First Wheelbarrow Week

Joelle Barros, Nyssa Nevers and Ashley Graham.

Appearing in the first wheelbarrow week are Joelle Barros a sexy Brazilian babe, sensual Nyssa Nevers and sexy Ashley Graham. The girls all join this now infamous club.

The video and pictures of Joelle Barros are some of my favorite. (I have a little spanko crush on Joelle) She’s a very cute girl and her reactions are perfect. I love watching her get spanked in any position. She also appears at Punished Brats, although there are no wheelbarrow videos there.

All three girls are sexy and spankable. The trio appears together in the “Multiple Detention” video at AAASpanking.com. Each of the ladies also star separately in many more of the films there.

Cheerleader Wheelbarrow Spankings Cheergirl Uniform Spanking Cheerleaders love wheelbarrow spankings! I’m don’t really know if it’s true but here’s some young ladies in cheergirl uniforms getting spanked in the wheelbarrow position. (Hint: Click on the pics for larger images.)

On the left starting in order from top to bottom: We have petite brunette Adriana Evans whose facial expressions are ultra realistic and her perky and pert, perfectly round ass make her an instant favorite. This is her first spanking in the wheelbarrow position. Adriana also appears frequently at Punished Brats.

Next is Ten Amorette. Dressed as a naughty cheerleader, this is Ten’s first appearance at Triple A Spanking as well as her first time being spanked in this precarious position.

The third picture is Katie Brown. Katie dresses in her cute little cheer uniform as gets and embarrassing wheelbarrow position spanking. Her all her naughty bits on display. Her bottom reddens right before your eyes in the spanker’s POV.

Chessie Kay was a wheelbarrow virgin until recently and is the most recent addition to the wheelbarrow club. Her blue cheerleader outfit makes for a sexy and sensual spanking. Her porcelain skin makes for a great contrast when spanked red.

Her films are always a personal favorite of mine! Here’s a nice little bonus if Chessie’s most recent spanking video made with gfycat.

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