Diaper Position Spanking [spanked legs up]

Ella Hughes Legs Up Spanking with RulerElla Hughes gets a legs up spanking with wooden ruler at EnglishSpankers.com

Diaper Position Spanking Legs Up

The diaper spanking position is also known as a legs up spanking. A very revealing spanking position for the spankee (usually reserved for very naughty girls) it leaves her very vulnerable and completely exposed.

The spankee lies on her back (on the floor, couch or bed, ect) with her legs held above her head. As you can see this exposes the bottom for spanking.

Most commonly the legs are held by the spanker but the spankee can also hold their own legs up. The spankee’s legs can also be lifted up during the spanking.

Humiliating Spanking In Diaper Position

The lifting of the legs raises the spankee’s lower body off it’s support and exposes the bottom and tightening the skin of the buttocks even more. A cushion can be placed underneath the spankee’s hips to achieve the same result.

This spanking position resembles a baby’s diaper changing, which is how it was named. However is it usually associated with adult spanking and not the spanking of children.

Sexy Spanking Legs Up

As this is a very revealing spanking position, the spankee’s genitals are completely exposed and in view of the spanker. The flow of blood increases to the head and upper body and the skin tightens over the buttocks, both of which increase sensation.

A diaper spanking is pretty much the only position allowing the spanker and spankee to be face to face, allowing eye contact during the spanking.

Special care should be taken, when spanked in the diaper position, not to smack the spankee’s genitals accidentally. Unless of course this is desired by the spankee, such as during a pussy spanking. The hand can be used to cover and protect the genitals to prevent an accidental and possibly painful contact.

Adult Baby Spanked and Diapered

Can also be combined with an adult baby spanking (ABDL) where a naughty girl is spanked and diapered.

Sometimes the naughty diaper girls made to parade around wearning diapers like an adult baby (this can be an especially effective punishment).

Bonnets and pacifiers are sometimes worn be the spankee in addition to being placed in baby cribs.

Punishment Spanking In Diaper Position

School Spanking With Legs Up

There’s no spanking position that’s more humiliating than being spanked in diaper position.

In addition to the humiliation factor, this spanking position can be quite painful as well. This combination makes for a perfect punishment spanking position.

Numerous young ladies are terrified the mere mention of a diaper position spanking. Just the fear of an impending punishment in this position can encourage a young women to behave herself properly.

Diaper Position Strapping Legs Up

Inside the walls of the Real Spankings Institute, unruly 18-21 year old teens are subjected to strict school discipline.

These naughty schoolgirls have been sentenced to this ‘girls school’ for various crimes.

As you can imagine, the bad behavior of these repeat offenders doesn’t improve immediately. Much of the time, multiple punishments must be administered to cure their disciplinary problems.

The diaper position spanking punishment is often used as a ‘last resort’ to fix even the most unruly teens.


Legs Up Spanking Punishment

There are lots of humiliating and painful diaper position spanking punishment videos and pictures in all the sites from the Real Spankings Network.

Real Spankings has some very severe disciplinary spankings that make good use of the legs up spanking position.

Unruly teen girls are disciplined for their bad behavior.

Lots of domestic spanking videos that make effective use of this spanking position.

Teen Spanked Legs Up

There’s also Spanking Teen Brandi. This site features cute brunette teen named Brandi getting spanked and disciplined for her unruly behavior.

Brandi gets spanked in various settings including getting spanked at home by her mother, sometimes while her friends watch for added humiliation.

She’s also regularly spanked at school, where she’s a constant disruptive force in the classroom.

Diaper Position Paddling

Brandi has a ginger-haired girlfriend named Jessica. She has a spanking site all her own and it’s called Spanking Teen Jessica.

Another teen girl with a penchant for bad behavior. Jessica is constantly running afoul of authority figures. Her parents are required to discipline her regularly.

She’s always getting herself into trouble and earning herself severe punishments. Much of the time her behavior requires spankings so severe that they end in tears for the young teen.


Sexy Legs Up Spankings

Spanking Legs Up

Firm Hand Spanking has some of my favorite legs up spanking videos. Somehow they can even make a punishment spanking look really sexy.

They have some of the hottest and sexiest spanking models starring in their films. Many of the spankings are mild to medium in severity but they’re always sexy.

Legs Up Strapping

They have lots of great domestic discipline spanking videos and even some really good f/f spanking videos too.

Schoolgirl Spanked Diaper Position

Another spanko website that I really like and also does sexy and sensual diaper position spankings is English Spankers.

They are always finding new girls and introducing them to the spanking scene. Some of the hottest new spanking models get their first spankings in their films.

Diaper Position Slippering

In addition they also have a sister site called Spanking Sarah. Both of these top spanking sites are run by a real life spanking couple.

The fact that they love spanking and star in their own videos really shows though in the quality for the films. The stories lines are well thought out and detailed.

Even though they are based in Holland, both sites truly embody the spirit of british spanking and are certainly worth checking out.

Spanked and Diapered

Diapered and Spanked

The Clare Fonda Network has always included diaper punishments and girls spanked in diapers.

At Kara Prepare Yourself, diapering is used as punishment for adult babies. There’s lots of great diaper punishments and adult baby spanking. Plus there’s anal temperature taking and much more. Unfortunately the site is no longer updating but the entire archives are available at Spanked Callgirls.

Adult baby spanking and diaper punishments
Also another site from the same network, Girl Spanks Girl, has an amazing series.

The ABDL video series ‘Surrogate Mother’ stars Clare Fonda and Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards). Clare is offering free rent to a new roommate and Kym finds out that there’s a catch. Kymberly must accept certain conditions including wearing diapers and playing baby for two hours each day.

This is a fantastic series of ADBL spanking that includes diapering punishments and adult baby spanking.

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  1. The home locations would include ANY WHERE. I have been over his lap whilst he is seated on the chair or couch. I have bent over holding my ankles in the middle of the room. I have been told wait bent over the arm of the couch, and in the bedroom. I have bent over the bed, or lying over pillows on the bed, or over his lap on the bed.

    My bathroom lacks swinging room, but we have enjoyed a couple of large hotel bathrooms with glee. I didnt know that the swing of a soft whip could not only stink a wet bottom, but serve to dry me off after a shower. That scene was one of my favorites. I had been lingering in the shower, and he came to check on me – well my lingering was actually due to some distracting thoughts that led to masturbation. He pulled me out of the shower and started scolding and spanking, It was cold at first, but I soon was dry from the fanning effect of each swing. The mirror in the bathroom added to the sensuality of the experience as I could see him spankng me.

    He is so good at being stern. Normally his facial expressions are so kind, that when he gets that stern look on his face my stomach twists and butterflies flutter. My all time favorite overall would have to be a tie, I love being on the couch over his lap with the hand or small rubber paddle. The contact with him is so reassuring that I don’t often mind that I am being spanked. (I will often end up spanked longer because I don’t want to get up and go to the corner when instructed. – He eventually convinces me that I do want to leave his lab with some harder spanks, but I love it ther on his lap.

    My other Fav is in the bedroom, lying with my bottom elevated on pillows, with he using the belt. (one particular belt that of his is just right.) The edges on the belt ar softened from wear, and the weight of the belt is heavy enough to feel the impact as well as the sting. He likes it too, because with some experimenting we have discovered that even used full force, it is safe to use. So when I am belted in the above posistion I can be still enough that he can sweing with gusto and not be concerned with me moving out of place or with causing any harm.


    PS we also like hotel desks for secretary scenes.

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